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Help every Christian family access Christian education!

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Mid Vermont Christian School has supported any Christian family who wants their children to be able to access a Christian education at MVCS since 1987!

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Read through the Pastor Green's family testimony:

As parents, we give birth to our children twice. The first time is when they are born and draw their first breath. The second time is when we send them out into the world as young adults. The apostle Paul understood this. In Galatians 4:19 he writes, "My children, I am again suffering labor pains for you until Christ is formed in you."

Education is formation. The question is not, "are my kids being formed?" The question is, rather, "in what image are my kids being formed?" Having just moved back to the US after being missionaries in Europe for the last decade, we were shocked to find that, though the public education system has many conveniences and benefits, true education had taken a back seat to a particular social ideology; an ideology that, at its heart, is antithetical to trust in and devotion to God. Still, we hesitated to pull them out of that system. Aren't all Christians called to be salt and light? Aren't we all called to be missionaries? Even as we talked about this with friends, they too asked us those very questions.

After almost two school years and a series of incidents, our hearts were settled. The public education system had squandered our trust in it. It has indeed become a mission field... for adults, not for children. One man said it this way, "We shouldn't send our children off to be educated by Caesar and then be surprised when they come back as Romans." We were preparing ourselves to rearrange our lives in order to homeschool our boys until a friend told us about MVCS.

I realize that many parents may feel that Christian education is beyond their means. We certainly felt that way. That feeling almost kept us from even beginning a conversation with MVCS. If I may, let me just encourage you by saying, as much as you love your children, God loves them more. As much as you want them "to know God and to enjoy Him forever," God wants this more. If you believe that Christian education is in the best interest of your children, start the conversation with Mid Vermont Christian School. The leadership, faculty and staff of MVCS are true partners in both the rigorous formation of the mind and the deep formation of the soul of our children. There we have found a community of educators who know and feel the "labor pains" of Christian formation that Paul speaks about in Galatians.

One day, you will send your kids out into the world to be salt and light. Imagine that day. As you drive away and see your son or daughter in your rearview mirror, you will want to know that you did everything you could to prepare them for that moment. MVCS exists for that very purpose.