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Donate so MVCS can provide scholarships

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For the last fifteen years both Christine and I have worked for our small family business based out of Brandon, Vermont. In December of 2022, we opened a restaurant and retail venue in the Quechee Gorge Village and for the next four months, we commuted back and forth, from Brandon to Quechee, four to five days a week. This idea, vision, and obligation to help the family business became more complex as we knew the commute was not sustainable. Our decision to relocate to Quechee happened fast, it was shocking for our children to hear as it turned their lives, and ours, upside down.

Our children were finishing off their respective school year in Brandon and Ripton, plans for their next year’s schooling was still up in the air, we had just sold our house and with a closing date soon approaching and we did not have a place to live.

On a long winter ride home, I was mentally exhausted, tired, and worried about my family’s future. At this moment I realized that I did not have to bear my burdens alone, we did not have to do this alone. We were lead down this path for a reason and I felt a renewed inner strength and mental fortitude with God by our side. The more we trusted in Him, the easier it was to transition to the idea of moving away from the home our kids were raised in.

We chose MVCS because its core values line up with those of our families. We have been blessed here by having a sense of comfort and peace knowing that the staff at MVCS are looking out for our kids, just like extended family members. We feel blessed to be a part of the MVCS, our children are happily transitioned, and we feel that they are in amazing hands each day while at school.

Patrick & Christine Foley